Academic Related Activities

Reading books:

  • A a-Z z “Stories that letters tell” has been written keeping in mind the familiarization of the 26 letters of incorporated within.
  • English reading and general awareness book has been also developed. While making this book we have kept in mind all the important grammatical aspects of English language and over 300 new vocabulary words have been introduced.
  • An audio CD for rhymes for reinforcement at home is also a part of the set.
  • A bed time story book is specially compiled for the mothers to read the stories to their little ones while putting them to bed. It also contains the rhymes text.

Getting Techno Savvy:

  • Special emphasis is laid on the keyboard and mouse control. This is done with the help of various multimedia based software, games and standard software like paintbrush, Tux Paint and notepad.
  • By the end of the academic year the Pre-Nursery children can independently control the mouse, open and operate the computers and the graduating class of Spring Blossoms-K.G. is able to write short paragraphs on the notepad window.

Brain Power and Development

  • The school has added a brain development program with specially designed techniques to enhance children’s calculative skills and memory.
  • Neurobics-Aerobics for the brain.
  • Two activity books and abacus are given to them as a part of the specially designed kit.

Public Speaking Programme

  • In this process, situations are created and introduced to them by talking, reading and pretending. This is done to help children overcome their shyness. Many a times, if shyness doesn’t go away, they learn to cope with it. Compatibility between the child’s capacity, characteristics and environmental expectations is achieved.
  • We always celebrate and praise each little step our children achieve as they develop, so that this feeling of success further motivates them to achieve more.
  • Our public speaking programme has been a great success and we can proudly state that we bring up fearless and confident Blossomers.
  • Group assemblies are conducted every week.
  • In a year all the students get two chances to speak on the stage.
  • Topics are prepared in class only during their assembly preparation period.

Role play-Puppetry and Story Telling

  • To achieve this goal there is nothing better than creating or reading stories connected to day to day situations to our children. While framing stories for our Annual curriculum, we keep in mind their development of thinking skills, behavioral patterns as well as their intelligence and emotional quotient.
  • Role play and puppetry are two important story telling techniques being followed by us.