Head of Spring Blossoms School

Anupama Mehra has been the head of Spring Blossoms School since January 2009. Prior to becoming the head of Spring Blossoms, she worked as a kindergarten teacher for eight years analyzing & assimilating children’s learning styles and techniques. She was the activity co-ordinator of the school before being assigned the post of Vice-Principal in April 2008. A learner by nature, she believes in facilitating the children with an environment wherein they are not made to learn but where learning happens. Ms. Mehra feels committed to adhere to each one’s needs and apply the best research and direct experiences to guide and motivate teachers and administrators in choosing apt ways that ensure learning for life from life subsequently making education an effective process.

She believes that education means preparing learners not just for straight forward application of knowledge & skills but for an everchanging world full of unexpected circumstances & new areas of knowledge. Her effort is to develop students’ multiple intellectual strengths, encourage them to think critically and creatively and assess their work in ways that deepen learning.