Summer Camp

Spring Blossoms Summer Camp is held in the school premises every year in the month of June. We offer a huge range of activities for the children who opt for the camp.

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Food Fun : Little Chefs learn cooking with Elegance & Etiquette.

 Aqua Fun : Water games with splashes and sprinklers.

Skating : Balancing body on wheels.

Dance Mania : Poetry of the feet.
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Art of Terracotta : Moving little hands around the earthenware.

Sadhna : Art of living through Yoga and Meditation.

Art Creations : Craft exploring with colours, shades and textures.

Techno Tots : Learning computer games with mouse and keyboard.

 Brain Power : High thinking & Reasoning Sessions. Click here to view a Picture Gallery

Bandhini (Tie & Dye) : Producing Dyed patterns by tying strings.

Picnics, Outings & Movies are the special attraction for children during this time.