Click here to view a Picture Gallery At Spring Blossoms, experiences are designed to stimulate learning in all areas physical, social, emotional and intellectual. This is our first step towards excellence.
Spring Blossomers are taught basic skills through a need based curriculum designed by a committed, trained and experienced resource team. Multiple Intelligence theory works as a tool through which children learn & relate to the concepts chosen for their over all personality development.

Smart class room which is a technology oriented initiative enhances the learning process & provides an effective tool for interactive self-paced learning. .

Self Enhancement

Click here to view a Picture Gallery Spring Blossomers have an identity and sense of self. They are intelligent beings who understand their place in the world.
They have the ability to learn through active exploration and interaction with concrete material, adults and peer group.
They develop ways to express their view point at a complex level through clear understanding and analyzing the world around them. They solve problems, make choices and practice self help skills.
They are empowered with independence and self reliance.

A Heterogeneous Unit

Click here to view a Picture Gallery Children at Spring Blossoms are balanced human beings with an open mind wherein they recognize and respect all the view points expressed in the world around them. They value all cultures, religions and various backgrounds identifying with each one. They are empathic enough to succeed by giving way to others

Learning A fun filled experience

Click here to view a Picture Gallery As children take their first steps at Spring Blossoms, a whole new world begins to unfold. At school here, this excitement & energy is channelized towards positive growth of mind, body & personality.