Born in the family of educationists the young and dynamic Dr. Kirat Sandhu & Mr. Sahiljeet Singh Sandhu have always been involved in the teaching process. They are active community workers taking on projects like teaching the children of drug addicts & the underprivileged sections of our society serving community at large. Our enthusiastic & diligent directors give full support & co-operation to their team and always welcome new developments in the field of education taking place around the globe.

The road to success is always challenging. To travel it, one requires indomitable will, unflinching faith and undying valour. Dr. Kirat Sandhu & Sahiljeet Singh Sandhu being the proud inheritors of the legacy of values passed on to them by their dear grandmother Late Ms. Davinder Pal Kaur Sandhu and their beloved parents, Dr. Shivinder Singh Sandhu and Ms. Manveen Sandhu own the responsibility of shouldering it with utmost sincerity and dedication.
'Every child is unique', their mother would often say. The whole world is confined in this single short sentence. There is no denying the fact that everyone in the world has unlimited potential and if tapped in the right direction, can do wonders. Standing at the threshold of despondence where they face new challenges everyday, they find strength to overcome them because a productive environment is available around. The right channelization of energy is the need of the hour. At Spring Blossoms, the team takes this move to tap the potential in every child by providing opportunities to groom their multifarious talents so that he/she becomes a responsible citizen and contributes positively to the growth of society. The holistic growth of every child has been their topmost priority. Excellence is what we have always strived for. This journey will carry on with same fervour as was envisioned by our mentors. The glorious past and the promising present will certainly ensure a bright future to every Spring Blossomer.